Real Money iPad Roulette – The party is here!

ipad_rouletteWe all know that entertaining game with the spinning wheel and unique layout, right? That popular game is called roulette and it has millions of fans all over the world. Roulette is a game like no other. Not only there is a layout specially designed for roulette games, it also features a whole roulette wheel that gives totally random results and provides excitement with every spin it makes. The point of the game is to guess the winning number, filed colour or group of numbers; whether you win or lose depends on where the little white ball lands.

Roulette is being played literally everywhere. People visit land based casinos, join online casinos and they even play real money roulette games on the go thanks to the mobile casinos whose popularity continuously is growing. One of the devices that are very often used for playing roulette games is iPad. This tablet by Apple features high responsive multi-touch display, strong processor and good speakers. All of these features make iPad the perfect device for playing real money roulette at home, in the park or at the bar.

What are the Differences between Playing on a Computer and on an iPad?

Understandably, playing on a computer or a laptop is not the same as playing on an iPad. First of all, the most important difference is the display size. Even though iPads have relatively big displays, they can be never as big as computer or laptop screens. However, the top notch quality iPad display is more than enough to provide good game-play and excellent graphics. The second most important difference lies in the way of giving commands. Usually, all of the buttons are the same, no matter whether you play roulette game designed for a computer or for an iPad; however, when you use your iPad, you also use your fingers. Therefore, the gaming is much more authentic since you use the tips of your fingers to place bets and spin the wheel. Finally, playing on this powerful device is definitely more practical than playing on desktops or laptops. The iPad is light weighted, easy to use and you can take it everywhere with you. Hence, you can go out and have some fun; then you can play a game session or two of real money roulette and you can put the iPad back in your backpack and do whatever you like. None of this is possible if you are stuck with playing on your computer at home.

Is Playing Real Money Roulette on iPad Complicated?

Sometimes playing real money roulette on devices such as the iPad can sound complicated to users. However, the whole point of using this product for gambling is to simplify the process and let users concentrate on the game only. The iPad as a device is extremely simple to use. Players give commands using their fingers and all iPad applications, mobile casinos and real money roulette apps included, are fully optimised in order to provide easy navigation. All that needs to be done is to connect the iPad to the Internet and download real money roulette application via iTunes. The next few steps are registering an account, funding the account and opening the game. Of course, everything is easier when you control it with your bare hands; hence playing roulette on an iPad is a piece of cake. With the help of your fingers you can place one or several bets on the layout and when you are done you should hit the “Spin” button. You will have couple of seconds time to hope that the little ball will bring you luck. The system takes care for the rest; any losing bets are automatically removed from the layout and the winning bets are left on the table. Additionally, the winnings are instantly added on your account.

What Real Money Roulette Variants Can I play on iPad?

ipad_liverouletteThe iPad is very popular device among casino customers all over the world. Therefore, mobile casinos as well as mobile casino software providers try to expand as much as possible the real money roulette offer. One of the most commonly played money roulette game is the Live Roulette. Of course, Live Roulette can feature the European or the American layout; nevertheless, players can enjoy the company of live dealers and feel as if they are in a real casino. Popular supplier of live games available for iPads is Playtech. In addition, in the casino games section players can most often find European Roulette. This is the popular real money roulette game that features the single zero layouts. Also, very popular roulette variant at real money mobile casinos is American Roulette with the single zero and double zero layouts. Sometimes, iPad users can play Mini Roulette, Auto Roulette and French Roulette too; nevertheless, they are much harder to find than the American and European variant.