Real Money Android Video Poker – Beat the machine!

android_videopokerAndroid mobile devices are very popular among people because they are modern, have cool design and many options. Users who like to buy an Android device can choose to purchase a smart phone or a tablet by some of the world’s leading companies such as Google, LG, Samsung and Sony. All of these products share one very important thing – the Android operating system that makes them easy to navigate and simple, yet attractive and highly responsive. Another shared feature of Android smart phones and tablets is the touch screen that can be small, medium or large sized. All of the devices also have micro processors that give life to the product. These things make Android devices perfect for entertainment; hence, one of the most popular real money casino games – video poker – is often played exactly on these powerful products. There are numerous video poker variants that can be played at any time by Android users. All that needs to be done is finding the right mobile casino and try to beat the machine.

What Are the Real Money Android Video Poker Game Rules?

Video poker is always the first choice of poker fans who like to play by themselves and try to win against the poker machine instead of competing against other players. This is the perfect game for individualist, who in order to win have to know the basic real money video poker rules. Of course, as a result of the numerous video poker variants there are numerous video poker rule modifications. However, there are also certain general guidelines about what brings the player money and which combinations are fruitless. For example, video poker is played by one player who receives a hand of five cards. Usually, the game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards; nevertheless, certain variants include a Joker card or other wild cards. Once the player analyses the cards, he can choose which cards to hold and which to discard. The system replaces the discarded cards with new ones and the player wins or loses. The winning amount is calculated according to the game payout table. For example, if the player gets four of a kind, the payout for one playing credit is usually 25:1, whereas two pairs payout rate is 2:1. Hence, before deciding which cards to choose, the player is advised to carefully study the payout table and be familiar with which hands have the biggest value and which hands do not have a value at all. Also, when playing Joker’s Wild the player can receive a Joker card that is used to form stronger hands. Different game variants have different wild cards or they don’t have wild cards at all; hence, once again our advice is – read the rules before you start playing real money video poker on your Android!

The Best Real Money Video Poker Games That Can Be Played on Androids

roulette games with androidReal money video poker games usually have similar design and payout rates. Since in every variant the player gets five cards and a chance to replace some of the cards, there is no much space for inventing new features or insert animations. Video poker is all about the luck of getting good starting hand and then the skill to make the most of it. As a result, when talking about best real money video poker games that can be played on Android we talk about games that offer smooth game-play, unique rules and high payouts. The popular Jacks or Better is one of the best options for beginners because it has the classic poker rules and 99% return. Other interesting games are Bonus Video Poker, Joker Wild Video Poker, Deuces Wild, Aces & Eights and Aces & Faces. Of course, the quality of the game and the graphics depends on the software provider. Hence, user should join mobile casinos powered by leading companies such as Play’n Go, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT, NextGen and etc.

Is There an Optimal Video Poker Playing Strategy for Android Users?

Almost every casino game has an optimal playing strategy. Naturally, there is more than one playing strategy for real money video poker because there is more than one video poker variant. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations and suggestions that can help Android users to win as much money as possible while playing this exciting game. Of course, the first five cards are all about your luck and you cannot influence or change anything there. However, if you receive some strong hands at first, such as royal flush, flush or straight you shouldn’t change anything. On the other hand, if you receive very bad and mismatched cards, then you should keep only strong cards such as Aces, Kings, jacks or Queens. You should always try to form one of the best paying combinations, but never sacrifice less valued hands and end up with empty hands.