Real Money Android Roulette – Great payouts for the luckiest!

roulette games with androidThere are several reasons why people love playing real money roulette games. One of those reasons are the extremely fun game sessions that do not last too long, but they last long enough to make players shiver out of excitement. Another reason for playing roulette is the payout rates that can sometimes win players 35 times their initial bet. Of course, you have to be very lucky to win, but the option is not excluded.

Real money roulette games are played everywhere. People visit real casinos or join online casinos and play at their homes. However, once mobile devices that run on Android operating system were released, gamblers got the opportunity to play roulette anywhere there is an Internet connection directly on their Android smart phones and tablets. Playing roulette on Androids has many advantages because it is practical, easy and entertaining.

What Are the Payout Rates for Real Money Android Roulette Games?

Real money roulette games that can be played on Android devices have different payout rates that depend on the type of bet. Every roulette fan knows that there are inside and outside bets and that the inside bets usually have better payout rates than the outside bets. However, the outside bets have lower odds against winning. Even though there are several roulette variants, the payout rates for all of the games are the same and as it follows:

  • Payout 35:1 – 35:1 is the highest payout rate that a player can get when playing real money roulette on his Android. In order to receive $35 for a $1 bet, the player has to place it on the single zero, double zero (American Roulette only) or on any single number on the layout. If the player guesses the number, he will be richer for 35 times the initial bet;
  • Payout 17:1 – this is the second highest payout rate in roulette. If the player places a row bet (0 and 00) or split bet (two neighbouring numbers) and the ball lands on any of the numbers included on the bet the player will get a payout of 17 times the initial betting amount;
  • Payout 11:1 – Basket bet and street bet will earn the lucky player a 11:1 payout rate;
  • Payout 8:1 – Placing a corner bet on any four neighbouring numbers has a good 8:1 payout for the player;
  • Payout 6:1 – this payout is given only for top line bets;
  • Payout 5:1 – Six number bet line will earn the player $5 for a $1 bet;
  • Payout 2:1 – First, second and third column bets as well as first, second and third dozen bets pay double the bet amount;
  • Payout 1:1 – the lowest payout rate of 1:1 can be won if the bet is placed on the odd, even, red, black, 1-18 or 19-36 fields.

Can I Play More Than One Real Money Roulette Variant on Android Device?

Roulette has several variants that differ in the layout or in the rules. The most popular variants are European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette and Mini Roulette. Naturally, since European Roulette is definitely the most commonly played roulette game it can be found at almost every mobile casino that supports Android devices. However, the American Roulette is also popular among players and certain casinos, for example those powered by Play’n Go, feature this variant also. The difference between European and American roulette lies in the layout; American Roulette has one additional green field with the double zero on it. Also popular is the French Roulette. This game has a European Roulette layout and a rule that allows players to keep half of their outside bets if the ball lands on the zero. Mini Roulette is rarely featured at mobile casinos. Finally, Android users can enjoy Live Roulette games thanks to software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming that optimise their live products for Android smart phones and tablet.

What Are the Pros of Playing Real Money Roulette On My Android?

android_rouletteThere are several benefits of playing roulette on Android devices. First of all, it is much more practical than playing on a desktop. Your Android is a mobile device that can be carried everywhere and used anytime. Second, using Androids is very easy and simple; therefore, playing real money roulette on Android tablets or smart phones is extremely enjoyable. Of course, we have to mention the authentic feeling thanks to the use of touch screen; hence, instead of clicking mouse, you give commands with the tip of your fingers. Furthermore, you can transfer money to your account directly from your Android device and play right away. Finally, Android users often have special bonus offers and promotions designed for them; hence, playing roulette on your Android mobile device is never a bad choice.